Black Ops 4 ‘Battle Royale’ Cashing Big On Nostalgia!

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Black Ops 4 is the next major Call of Duty video game coming out and it will come with loads of new features as well as game modes. One particular feature which fans are excited for is called Blackout – a game mode with a battle royale setup.

The aim for Treyarch here is for Black Ops 4 to become the ultimate FPS video game hence it is required to do better than Fortnite Battle Royal and Playerunknown’s Battleground. The developers believe that the best method is to go big with nostalgic elements and this is already getting a positive response from the crowd.

A trailer for Black Ops 4 Blackout has been released online and it teased on a massive open world that incorporates all the exciting maps from past Black Ops titles.

You can just imagine the thrill of moving around the map with your mates and stumbling upon Nuketown as well as Firing Range. We are pretty sure that will be exciting.