Black Ops 4: Exposing The Four Negative Pointers

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The Call of Duty franchise will be welcoming a brand-new title next month and it is Black Ops 4. Seeing that Black Ops is the second most popular series in Call of Duty, we are not surprised by the strong anticipation for the game.

But if you’re just a casual gamer like us, we would recommend waiting a couple of months before purchasing Black Ops 4 and there are four reasons for it.

1. Same Old Offering
So, the Beta program for Black Ops 4 has ended and our experience with it is pretty much a ‘meh’. Sure, there are a number of new features in Black Ops 4 but being a casual gamer, the game is still pretty much a typical Call of Duty offering.

2. Microtransactions
Activision has made it clear that Black Ops 4 won’t come with a single player mode hence everything will revolve around multiplayer. With such a model, you can look forward to seeing a lot of real world money getting involved in the game.

3. No Health Regen
This is a notable feature in Black Ops 4 but the fact that the developers are celebrating the creation as if it is new has left us annoyed. The absence of health regen is not new as it was the way of Call of Duty 2.

4. Random Respawns
As mentioned before, Black Ops 4 is still 95% the same Call of Duty games from recent years hence you will experience the frustrations of poor respawn locations.