Blizzard Flushes Two Years Of Work Down The Drain

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Blizzard starting working on a mysterious game two years back but it looks like we will never find out what it is anymore as it was announced that the project has now been canceled.

This game after David Gibson, the developer that is working on the game for Blizzard announces that his will be leaving Blizzard this week and that the new game that he has been working on has been canceled.

Nobody really knows what game it really is although there was some speculation about it being a Starcraft shooter game and that Blizzard decided to kill it off to focus on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. Whatever it is, it will never see the light now.

We do not know why the game was canceled but having a game canceled after years of work is not really that uncommon as we have already seen more than a few games getting canceled after being worked on for a few years.