Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Will Leave Mac Behind

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It looks like Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night developer are looking to shrink down the list of available version even more as they announce two more version that will not happen.

They previosuly announce that the game will not be release for PlayStation Vita and Wii U which is understandable since those platforms are pretty old now but this week, they also added that the game will not have a Mac and Linux version as well.

According to Koji Igarashi, the decision to remove Mac and Linux was the list was a tough decision but explain that challenges of supporting middleware and online feature support, they had to take those off.

Mac and Linux users that backed the Kickstarter of the game will be given a chance to change their platform. We are not sure if they would offer the backers refund if they have no other platform to switch to.

The Ritual of the Night is expected to arrive this year on Nintendo Switch, PlayStaion 4, Xbox One and PC.