Borderlands 2 DLC Will Link To Next Game?

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We are only a few months away from Borderlands 3 but it looks like the developer will have something for us to play with first while we wait for the next game to arrive.

A new leak suggests that the developer will have a new DLC for Borderlands 2 that they could be announced at E3 2019. The leak suggests that the new DLC will link the 7-year-old game to the upcoming game.

Called Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, the DLC is said to be free and will see the Vault Hunters teaming up with Lilith and Crimson Raiders to save Pandora. In case you need some refreshing, Lilith is the Siren from Borderlands that guides Vaults Hunters through Pandora

The leak also suggests that the DLC will be released on the 9th of June. Borderlands 3, on the other hand, is expected to be released on the 13th of September on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.