Breath Of The Wild Officially Joins Series’ Timeline But With A Catch

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Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the latest and most popular entry in the entire franchise but nobody has got a clue on where the story in the game fits in the series.

That was the case until today when the developers announced that they have added Breath of the Wild to the timeline of Legends of Zelda. To keep things brief, the updated timeline saw Breath of the Wild holding the position at the right-most end hence making it the latest happening in the fantasy world.

No details were provided by the developers but the timeline has done enough to confirm that Breath of the Wild is connected to previous Legends of Zelda titles. Perhaps, the game was set in an era far into the future. This would explain why there is a lack of connections between Breath of the Wild and the previous games.

The developers concluded by saying that they decided not to give the details as they want fans to use their imaginations.