Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Won’t Raise The Dead

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One of the more interesting modes in the Call of Duty series is the Zombie Mode which usually comes with most Call of Duty game but fans can forget about seeing it in the upcoming game as Jacob Minkoff, the Campaign gameplay director explained.

According to Minkoff, Zombies does not make sense with their direction for the game as Infinity Ward’s aim now is to make it as realistic as possible and obviously, having a Zombie mode would throw things off.

He added that having a Zombie mode in the Modern Warfare game would get in the way of their vision for the game. While players won’t get to come together to take on Zombie in the new Modern Warfare game, it was revealed that there will be more co-op gameplay opportunity when the new game arrives but they did not reveal any more details on that.

Some people are also speculating on whether the new game will come with its own Battle Royale mode or not but he made no mention of that.