Can Fable 4 Fill The Void Left By Skyrim, Inquisition?

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Microsoft’s next big thing, Fable 4, is believed to be in development and the game is expected to get unveiled later this year. Despite Fable being famous for offering a softer RPG experience, the upcoming sequel promises a more hardcore approach for fantasy lovers.

Microsoft has said before that Fable has always been their favourite game and the failures of Fable 3 won’t stop them from keeping the series alive. The latest word from Microsoft further suggests that the game is going to have a much different layout.

Microsoft teased that Fable 4 looks set to get a massive landmass and a more influence-based gameplay experience. This means that every action in the game will have a more impactful consequence.

Such an outcome will put Fable 4 in the same bracket with Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition. Also, this serve as an opportunity for Microsoft to do better than the established RPGs.

Skyrim is and age-old title and a sequel is not expected to arrive until 2020. As for Dragon Age Inquisition, the lack of meaningful content has deprived the game from a good review score. These lapses can serve as an advantage for Fable 4 but Microsoft may need to play their cards right.