Cuphead Ready For Nintendo Switch

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The game Cuphead was a pleasant surprise for many. Despite its cartoon like design, the game is actually pretty challenging which was probably why it got so popular soon after it was released.

Well, it won’t be long before Nintendo Switch users will get to try out the game as well as it was announce that the game will be release to the Switch on the 18th of April. The game was announce at the Nintendo Nindies Showcase along with a few other games.

Besides Cuphead, Nintendo Switch users can also look forward to getting Katana Zero, a spin-off game of Crypt of the Necrodancer which will feature Link and Zelda thi time as well as Rad, a game from Double Fine Produciton.

Right now, games like Blaster Master Zero 2 and Nuclear Throne has also been released so you can head to the Switch store too get your hands on some of the these new games right now.