Cyberpunk 2077 Is Coming In Q4 2019, Here’s Why

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming game from CD Projekt Red and it is one of the most anticipated games right now. The sci-fi-themed RPG made its official unveiling at E3 2018 and the crowd couldn’t be more excited for it.

The only setback here is that nobody has got a clue as to when Cyberpunk 2077 will make its official debut. If rumours are to be referred to, the game will get released in November this year but we don’t think that is true at all.

This is especially after the developers revealed in an interview that Cyberpunk 2077 is currently in pre-Alpha stage and the scenes that was unveiled at E3 was the only polished part of the game.

If this is to mean anything, we are a full year away from seeing Cyberpunk 2077 getting released. The beta version of the game is expected to take the stage at E3 2019 and we will then see the title getting released in Q4 of next year.