Darksiders 3 Hinting At Xbox Exclusive?

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Darksiders is about to welcome a third major instalment but nobody knows exactly when the game will get released. Well, this is unless you are an avid Microsoft Store user because the online gaming centre has apparently quoted a date for Darksiders 3.

If you’re to head into the store and search on Darksiders 3, you will see that the game has been marked for a November release. To be more specific, Darksiders 3 will be making its debut on November 27 this year.

We personally don’t think that the indicated date is a placeholder because the timing fits the expectation for Darksiders 3’s unveiling at Gamescom 2018. What we’re more curious to see is if Darksiders 3 will be a timed exclusive on the Microsoft Xbox One.

If the Store was able to get an official date ahead of every other gaming platform, it does suggest that Microsoft has been in the talks with Gunfire Games and it could see Darksiders 3 becoming a timed exclusive on the Xbox One.