Dauntless Gets A Date For Some Platforms!

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If you like what Monster Hunter has to offer, the upcoming Dauntless game might be the game for you as well and now we even have a date to look forward to.

The developers initially announce that Dauntless was going to arriving in April this year but that did not happen but they do have a new date ready for us now. The game will not be arriving on the 21st of May for PS4 and Xbox One as well as on the Epic Games Store.

Besides launching the game, the developer will also be launching the Season 5 Hunt Pass called Hidden Blades which will give players a chance to unlock special cosmetic items and other rewards. The Shattered Isles will also be getting a makeover for the Moon Blossom Festival. More ninja-themed gear will also be added into the game.

The developer also announces that those that play Dauntless next week will get an option of picking up the Arcslayer Pack which will include armor, premium currency, consumables and more.

The free-to-play game will also be released for Switch and mobile devices although we still do not know when that will be arriving.