Dauntless: What Will The Update Come With?

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Dauntless, the game that has often been compared to Monster Hunter World will be getting an update called Path of the Slayer and this is what the new update will bring to the game.

The new update will come with the latest Season 4: Burndown. This time, the game will get a new Mastery system which will allow players to earn rewards for finishing challenges that involve wearing specific gears or hunting certain Behemoths.

They added that each Behemoth and crafted weapon will have its own Mastery card. Players will also need to find new alternate special attack options for some of the weapons like War Pike, Sward, Chain Blades, and Hammer.

The update will also come with a new progression system that will include a new End of Hunt screen. The game is currently still on beta and has only been released on PC with the console version only arriving this summer. The game will also launch on Epic Games store at the same time.