DC Universe Coming To Nintendo Switch!

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DC Universe Online is a free-to-play MMO game that was released back in 2011 on PC and PS3. It was later released for Xbox One and PS4 and now it will be released on the Nintendo Switch as well.

According to the developer, the game will be arriving on the Switch this Summer. They also added that the Switch version will have its own dedicated server and that there will be no cross-play between the PS4, Xbox One, and PC version but they also added that they are exploring that option so we might still see that happen in the future since the PS and PS4 edition already supports cross-play right now.

Players that already owns an account will have to create a new one if they want to play on the Switch as there is no option to transfer account right now. It might be a good thing since players will get to create new characters and start over on Switch.

No actual date was given yet.