Deathloop Is The Name Of Next Game From Bethesda’s Parent Company?

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ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda has just filed a new trademark and fans are going crazy wondering if the trademark is for an upcoming game.

The application was filed on the 26th of December for the name Deathloop but at this point, that is the only thing we know. In fact, it might take years before this turn out to be anything. It can also lead to nothing as companies likes to filed for trademark just to secure it but might not choose to do anything about it.

Deathloop actually means a situation where a game reloads after a save with players being trust into a situation where they can’t get out without dying so that might give us an idea of what ZeniMax is working on.

The latest game from Bethesda was a huge hit. Despdite some fans being skeptical about Fallout 76 in the beginning, it all turn out well for them. We are also looking forward to see The Elder Srolls Blades from Bethesda which is expected to be release early this year.