Deathloop: Time Will Get A Little Messy

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Bethesda fans definitely had a lot to gain at E3 this year. One of the more interesting announcement during the press conference was by Arkane Studios who came to announce their new game.

Called Deathloop, the new first-person action game looked similar to Prey and Dishonored. Based on what details they were willing to reveal, the game will have us follow Clot and Julianna, the stars deadly rivals. Every time they die, they wake up once more.

While Colt wants to kill Julianna in hopes that it will put an end of the cycle, Julianna wants it to go on forever and continues to kill Colt as she feels like this will make sure it will continue on.

The concept is pretty interesting but we will have to wait until the game arrives to see if the developer manages to deliver a good story out of this interesting concept or not. While we did get a new trailer, no release date was announced.