Destiny 2 Community Cracking Their Head Over Massive Puzzle

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The new weekly content for Destiny 2 is up and players are trying to figure out how to access it.

The update came with a new location called Niobe Labs and players will have to complete the puzzle in the game to proceed. The puzzle includes having a certain weapon to find some hidden symbols in the game. Players will then have to figure out what order to shoot to activate it.

Niobe Labs will unlock the last activity for The Black Armory. The Bergusia Forge will be the final Forge areas where you can craft new and powerful weapons. Teams are now standing in the special room trying to solve the puzzle. Once a team solves it, the Bergusia Forge will be unlocked for all the players.

If you would like to have a go at it, the room is located in Earth’s EDZ in the Outskirts area.