Destiny 2: Drought Days Are Behind Us?

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Destiny 2 fans had a endure a long period of content drought that seems to have ended with the Forsaken DLC. While some fans still believe that the content Drought will return soon, Bungie seems to be trying their best to not let that happen again as they revealed some of the update and new content that we can expect to see next year.

Bungie has just released a new update for the game with the new Black Armory DLC and Season 5 Season of the Forge which will begin this week. To show their fans that they are committed to the game, Bungie has also released a short term and long term calendar for future new content.

Those that did get the Annual Pass will get new FOrges next month but a new Exotic quest called The Draw will be released on the 29th of January next year. For those that did not get the Annual Pass, they can still look forward to The Dawing Christmas event that will start on the 11th of December as well as the Crimson Days event which will be happening on the 5th of February next year.