Destiny 2 Forge Issue Finally Addressed By Bungie

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The Black Armory is finally here but not everybody got to enjoy it. As part of The Black Armory, the first Lost Forge was release and while it did address some of the complains fan had like the matchmaking issue, players found another bigger issue with the update.

Players soon reported that the Power level requirement for the game was way too high. The update raised the maximum Power level from 600 to 650 for all players and those that got the DLC found that they could not really take part in the new Forge activity because of the steep requirement.

Instead, players had to grind through the game to get their Power level high enough before they can take part in the Forge which is the last thing they want to do when a new update arrives. Well, you pleas have been heard as Bungie posted on their website acknowledging their mistake and promise that they will be reducing the Power requirements by 5 which does not have but they promise more changes will be coming.