Destiny 2 Gets New Limited Time Event Soon

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Destiny 2 players will be happy to learn that there is going to be a new event for the game soon called The Revelry. The latest event will be a spring-themed event that will be starting this month and here is what we know right now.

Bungie has just released a new trailer for the game. This time, the event will open up a new area called Verdant Forest which will add objective-based fights that players till need to clear first before they can face the bosses.

As with most new content, you can try to take this on alone but it would be better if you go in with a team. One of the new item that will be coming with the update is the new Reveler’s Tonic. This would be filled when you kill the Verdant Forest’s bosses or cealr some of the side quests. The tonic can then be used to reduce cooldowns.

The event will be released on the 16th of April.