Destiny 2: Go Fast Update Is Not Just About Speed, It’s A Big Fix!

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After successfully establishing its status as a AAA gaming title in Destiny, it is not surprising to see why fans have got huge expectations for the newly launched sequel, Destiny 2. This is a big problem because Destiny 2 ended up getting more hate than love upon making its debut.

This is owed to the number of issues found in the game and the lack of exciting content that can make players overlook the technical problems in Destiny 2. The only good news here is that Bungie has been launching updates after updates to fix the issues in Destiny 2.

The next major update is called Go Fast and its primary purpose is to significantly increase the speed in the game. Destiny 2 has been guilty for being too slow in terms of movement, combat and ability recharge rates and the update will fix that.

In other words, the name of the update shouldn’t be mistaken as a new thing as Bungie is merely ironing out the issues in Destiny 2 and reviving the ways of the original Destiny video game. Scoping more into Go Fast Update will show you a wide array of fixes coming such as sandbox/weapon fixes that are supposed to make combat and general gameplay more enjoyable.

It may still be slow for Bungie to address the issues in Destiny 2 but this is better than never. We will be following up on the above with our verdict once the update reaches Destiny 2.