Destiny 2: Nerf & Fixes Arrive With New Patch

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While fans were happy to get the new the Revelry update for Destiny 2, the update also brought with it some new problems to the game. Even with the Revelry gone now, some of the issues are still in the game. Luckily, Bungie also has a patch ready to fix some of the new issues.

The latest patch will fix the issue where players were not able to unlock a Triumph because of the broken Orbs of Light mechanic. The update will also fix some minor bugs in the game and make some tweaks.

One of the biggest change will be on the Spectral Blades Super for the Hunters. The update nerfs it so that the amount of damage dealt when attacking will be less if you are not in stealth mode. They also reduce the time Super will last when you are attacking.

This should help balance things out in the Crucible where it is especially effective. The full patch notes can be found on their website.