Destiny 2 New Dawning Event Another Dissapointment

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It looks like Bungie is just struggling with their updates. The last update, the Black Armory was too high level for most players to play it when it was release and now with The Dawning, players could not even play it due to some of the new bugs after the update.

Soon after The Dawning was release, players announced that they have been getting some error codes WEASEL, CENTIPEDE, GUITAR and CHICKEN. We do not know what it means but according to Bungie, they are already working on that issue.

Other reported that they were having issue actually loading into areas of the game. Those that do get in find themself getting kicked out only to be reloaded back to the start making Destiny 2 unplayble right now which is quite upsetting as fans have been looking forward to get their hands on the new update.

Hopefully the fix will be ready soon so players can get back into the game.