Destiny 2 New Guardian Could Be A Game Changer

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To keep their fans hook, Destiny 2 developer Bungie have been making sure they do not reveal the full story of the new Forsaken expansion yet. Details were leaked in bits and pieces each week so fans would have to keep coming back if they want to learn more.

Most of the story details are related to the Dreaming City, home of the race known as Awoken and also the Curse. {Spoiler’s Ahead} The latest cutscene, we see a lone Ghost flaoting in the Dreaming City before coming across a body, the Ghost then revives the body to reveal Prince Uldren, Mara Sov’s brother.

This is a big plot twist in the game and could be a huge game changer. We still do not know what this means for the game but it is definitley something that most fans were not anticipating.

Of course, Bungie will keep the fans waiting for the story to unfold from here. Lets hope all these hype does not lead to something dissapointing.