Destiny 2: PvP Negativity Has A Simple Fix!

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The sequel to Destiny, Destiny 2, is one of the most loved shooter titles at present moment but this is not to say the game is the perfect package.

Despite all the goodness with Destiny 2, the title’s online PvP mode has taken a step backwards from its predecessor. The developers have said that they overhauled the online mode to offer greater gameplay balance and to promote teamwork.

As such, the mode only caters to 4 vs 4 in a single lobby and it has overdone it with the strategy-making screen. It is a nice change but also too serious for the casual gamers.

Due to it, many Destiny 2 players are unable to have a good time on the player vs player mode but all can be fixed if the developers are to update the game and offer a casual team fight game mode. The only question is will it happen?