Destiny 2: Simple Workaround For Enhance Quest

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Destiny 2 is the newest game from Bungie and it has been getting a lot of praises from the gaming community. But despite all the goodness that is with Destiny 2, the title is still not in its perfect state as there are a number of bugs disrupting the game.

One of them comes into play in Enhance Quest. A growing number of players have made it known that the MIDA Mini-Tool can’t get delivered to the Postmaster and this has prevented them from progressing in the game.

The cause of the issue is with a bug and Bungie has already made it known that a fix is on the way. If you can’t wait for the fix to arrive, there is a temporary solution for this and it is through having more than one Energy weapon inventory slot available when completing the quest in Destiny 2.

This method has been proven to work and you can try it out if you find yourself stuck in the Enhance Quest. As for the official fix, we can expect it to get rolled out to Destiny 2 next week.