Destiny 2: Thorn Will Make You Forget About The Last Word

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Fans were already pretty excited when it was revealed that they will be getting The Last Word, one of the best guns from the first Destiny game and now it looks like they might be getting another iconic weapon, Thorn.

In the new trailer for the next event, The Draw, players will be hunting down The Last Word. The story seems to be started off from where it ended the last time. As if that was not exciting enough, the end of the trailer also gave fans a glimpse into what season 6 will be offering and it looks like it will include Thorn.

So far, Bungie has also given us a rough summary on what we can expect to see from them this year for Destiny 2 but the dates and release windows are still a mystery. We still do not know when we will be getting Season 6 so those looking forward to getting their hands on Thorn will have to just sit tight and wait.