Destiny Is In Their Own Hands Now

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It is no secret that Bungie has now split with Activision and that Bungie has kept the right to the Destiny series which has left fans wondering how this will affect the future of the game.

According to Luke Smith, the franchise director for Destiny said that for now, they are still committed to release all the Annual Pass content for Destiny 2 that they had promise to deliver. He also added that they have learn a lot from working on the Black Armory and will use those knowledge when they work on anything in the future.

He also assured fans that they are commited to Destiny saying that the future of the series is now intheir hands and their team is hard at work trying to envision what the future will be like for the game.

It will probably take some time before Bungie can decide what they want to do with the series in the future and it will be intesting to see what they can do now that the decision is theirs to make.