Detective Pikachu Goes From Movie Screen To Switch

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Following soon after the Detective Pikachu movie is a new version of the Nintendo 3DS game which was announced at the 2019 Press Conference of The Pokemon Company.

There is not a whole lot of details yet but the company did confirm that there is going to be a new Detective Pikachu game coming our way. What we do know is that this new game will resolve the cliffhanger that we had in the 3DS game and that it will not be the same ending as the movie version.

The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch and will be developed by Creatures Inc. From the sound of it, the development is just at the beginning stage as they added that Creatures Inc already had plans to create the game but they are not sure if they have started developing it yet.

Not only can we expect to see a new Detective Pikachu game but it is said that a sequel for the movie is also int he works.