Detroit Become Human: 10th #1 In A Year!

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If winning the current generation console wars is not enough, Sony PS4 has moved to become untouchable as their exclusive games have all struck gold.

From exactly a year ago till today, 10 major AAA exclusives have been released on the Sony PS4 with the latest title being Detroit Become Human. And like every other games on the order, Detroit Become Human leaped straight into the number one spot upon making its debut.

This is a massive accomplishment for the Sony PS4 as the same can’t be said for both the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. Sure, many may have predicted the Switch to rise above the PS4 in the near future but there is no challenging the success of exclusive games on the console from Sony.

The current weekly game chart standings is as follow:

1- Detroit: Become Human
2- State of Decay 2
3- Dark Souls Remastered
4- FIFA 18
5- God of War
6- Far Cry 5
7- Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition
8- Destiny 2
9- Fallout 4
10- Mario Kart 8: Deluxe