Diablo 3: New Season, New Patch, New Loot

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Blizzard is getting ready to start the 17th Season for Diablo III and here is what the fans will be getting when the update finally arrives.

At the start of Season 17, players will get a set of bonus provided by Legacy of Nightmares. Season 17 will be all about new cosmetic that players can earn. We will also be seeing some Season 5 cosmetic make it sway over to the new season including the pants and boots slot of the Conqueror Set, the Wickerman pet and more.

The start of the season will also bring in Sprinter, Speed Racer, Avarice, Avaritia, The Thrill, SUperhuman and more which will go live the day Season 17 starts. Blizzard has also revealed the class sets that will come with the new season. You can check out the full notes on their website.

Diablo III Season 17 will be starting on the 17th of May.