Diablo 3: New Seasonal Objectives Added

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The latest season for Diablo 3 is here and players will now get a chance to earn more cosmetic items thanks to the new special seasonal objectives. Called The Season of Grandeur.

According to the reprots, the update will come with some quality of life changes as well as buffs for the seasonal players. Players will also get to earn some new cosmetic items like the Helm and Shoulder armor of the Conqueror Set, new portrait frame and wings of Lempo. Seasonal players will get the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff automatically along with a new Stash tab.

As for the quality-of-life changes, we will see them removing Legenadry potions from the invenotry to free up more space. Primal Legendaries will also shine and show on the mini-map so that players will know when they are drop.

The update will also make some balance tweak to the game.