Doom Eternal: Where Art Thou?

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Bethesda is on the verge of launching many new AAA games and one of them is Doom Eternal. The next instalment for the Doom franchise has been confirmed for a debut before 2018 ends but nobody knows exactly when the game will become available for purchase.

This is something which Bethesda will be talking about when they make a gameplay announcement on Doom Eternal next week. The reveal will happen on Twitch’s live stream next week and it is expected to bring out an official release date for the game.

This is something which fans are curious to find out as the wait for Doom Eternal is killing them. If rumours are to be referred to, Doom Eternal will make its official debut towards the end of October when the world is in the mood for Halloween.

While rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, the link-up with Halloween makes strong sense because Doom Eternal will be focussed on demons. But of course, we will need to wait for an official word on it before we can be hopeful.