DOTA 2 Coming To Xbox One?

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Video game consoles of today are more similar to PCs than they were before and this is due to the hardware they are built on. With that being said, rumours have predicted that certain PC games may end up becoming playable on consoles but only through proper mouse and keyboard support.

If there’s one title that would love to make it big on other systems, it is DOTA 2 and we may just see this rumour come true through the Xbox One. It was revealed earlier today that Microsoft has partnered with Razer to develop proper gaming keyboard and mouse support for the console.

If this is to mean anything, we are inching closer to an era where console gamers can rely on PC features to play games. It can lead to DOTA 2 getting ported over to the Xbox One and such a thing can tremendously boost the console’s popularity.

The prospects are endless as the support for mouse and keyboard can also ensure greater FPS experience for gamers on the Xbox One and this is especially when they have to crossplay with gamers on the PC.