DOTA 2: November May Witness A Dip In Player Count!

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DOTA 2 has been around since 2013 but age hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most played games right now. The majority of players on DOTA 2 are simply addicted to the game and it doesn’t help knowing that the title is free-to-play on Steam.

But despite the huge success of DOTA 2, the game will still experience some quiet months and the next time this will happen is in November 2018. Market watchers have revealed earlier today that they are expecting a dip in the number of active players on DOTA 2 in the said month and the cause of it is the debut of Artifact.

The latter is an upcoming title from Valve and it is a trading card game that is based on the lore of DOTA 2. As such, Artifact will appeal greatly to fans of DOTA 2 which in-turn will take away the attention from the original game.

But of course, this is nothing more than a prediction from market watchers and there is no certainty on the matter. Even if the dip in player count is to happen, we can expect DOTA 2 to pick themselves up again once the hype for Artifact quieten down.