Dragon Age 2 Completes Trilogy On The Xbox One!

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The Xbox One may have lost to the Sony PS4 but that doesn’t mean everything on the platform is bad. If there’s one thing which we can commend, it is with the Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility program.

The BC program basically allows gamers to play old Xbox games on the newer Xbox One. With games being really expansive to own, having Backwards Compatibility has allowed the Xbox One to sell better than it should.

Today, the list of BC games has expanded further with more great titles on the cards. The highlight of the latest additions is with Dragon Age 2. We already have Dragon Age Origins being made playable on the Xbox One but not the series’ second sequel.

With Dragon Age 2 now playable on the Xbox One, fans of the Dragon Age Series can revisit the entire trilogy on the Xbox One. There is no further need to plug-in your old 360 to enjoy the RPG trilogy.