Dragon Age 4: 3 Ways To Move Forward

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Love it or hate it, the Dragon Age Series is one of the most popular RPG franchises around and it is also one that brags a short waiting time. It is only 3 years since Bioware launched Dragon Age Inquisition and now, we have received confirmation that a new Dragon Age game is in the works.

Tentatively-known as Dragon Age 4, the game is projected to arrive in late 2018 and we can expect an engaging experience. But of course, it would be best if Dragon Age 4 can fix the problems on Dragon Age Inquisition. We have found 3 things on the Inquisition that needs improvement and they are as follow.

1. Open World Content
The play area is already good but the content inside the area is lacking in Inquisition.

2. Combat
Combat needs greater balancing from day one onwards. The Rogue class is often overpowered and it needs some nerfing to make it more challenging for every player.

3. Multiplayer Online
Dragon Age 4 must not force multiplayer online as the main focus in the game. Like past Dragon Age titles, Dragon Age 4 must limit multiplayer game play in a separate mode. What do you think?

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  1. DarkPhoenix

    July 6, 2017 at 1:40 am

    Ok seriously? With all the DA4 wishlist threads and posts, these are the 3 things you chose to mention as necessary improvements for the next Dragon Age? With the exception of #3 the other 2 are hardly even worth mentioning. The rogue issue was manly with DA2. It was corrected in DAI because rogues were WAY more squishy.
    But back to the point, if you had looked for the common requests in most peoples posts you would have found that the majority had the following requests in common:

    #5 – visible approval meter and companion gifting systems coupled with more romance options (aka a bi Cullen-esque character)

    #4 – More companion banters while questing/roaming

    #3 – Playable origins like in DAO

    #2 – The return of AI tactics

    #1 – [many] MORE HAIR OPTIONS.