Dragon Age 4 & 5 Confirmed To Be A Finale

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If you are a huge fan of the Dragon Age Series, then you should know who Mike Laidlaw is. The lad is the creative writer for the Dragon Age Series and he is partly the reason why Dragon Age is able to become one of the best RPG franchise in the world.

Just a month ago, Mike Laidlaw shared on Twitter that the plot for Dragon Age 4 will continue into Dragon Age 5. The lad added that the plot has been finalized and production is already in motion.

While the details on Dragon Age 4’s development are unknown at the moment, we can trust Mike Laidlaw to have created a masterpiece with the upcoming sequel. The only sad part here is that Dragon Age 4 and 5 will be the last product of Mike Laidlaw.

The lad confirmed earlier today that he has officially resigned from his position in Bioware after many years of serving the company. This means that Dragon Age 4 and 5 will be his final offering to the fans.