Dragon Age 4 Announcement Has Fans Fearing For A Diablo-Like Flop

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The last Dragon Age game was released some time ago and it is about time we get a new Dragon Age game added to the series. While BioWare has already made it pretty clear that they are working on a new Dragon Age game, we are still in the dark about what the game will be about and when we will be seeing it.

One of the biggest clues that they have given us so far is the fact that some features in Anthem will make it over to the next BioWare game. Since Anthem is still a few weeks away, we will still have to wait for the game to arrive before we can see what BioWare has in store for us.

However, it looks like fans of the Dragon Age series will not have to wait long to get more information about the game as BioWare to announce that the company is preparing to talk more about their plans for this series next month.

As exciting as it sounds, we are just hoping that this is not another huge disappointment like what Blizzard did with Diablo. After building up all this hype, the fans would be upset if the announcement ends up being something like a mobile app.