Dragon Age 4: Anthem Holds The Key

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The fans were split in the middle when it came to the last Dragon Age game. While some people liked what the game had to offer, others were disappointed by it but Bioware will have another chance to redeem themselves as it was announced that the fourth installment of the game is being developed right now.

Of course, since Bioware has just started working on it, we will probably have to wait for years before we can actually see anything from the game but according to Bioware, we might get an idea of what the next game will be offering when they release Anthem next year.

It was added that fans looking to know what Dragon Age 4 will offer might want to look into Anthem as some of its features will be carried over to the new Dragon Age game. It is pretty smart of Bioware to do so as that will not only get more people to check out Anthem but they also get to test some of the features on Anthem first before making any necessary changes to Dragon Age 4.