Dragon Age 4: Backstabs, Politics & The Big War Preview

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Bioware may have confirmed on the development of Dragon Age 4 but they have yet to share any details on the game. This has got the fans speculating on the sort of plot which may feature in the sequel to Inquisition and one particular idea caught our attention.

Redditor RawMercury shared that Dragon Age 4 is not going to be huge since it will be more of a build-up towards Dragon Age 5. The latter is where all the major action will be and this expectation is backed up by a Tweet from Bioware’s Mike Laidlaw.

The fan added that if Dragon Age 4 is going to be a small-scale sequel, then it will probably focus a lot on drama and politics like how it was in Dragon Age 2. This will establish some sort of alliance which you will get to choose that will be brought forward into Dragon Age 5.

With politics being the name of the game, Dragon Age 4’s plot gameplay will probably focus more about mild conflicts and political backstabs. We are talking about assassinations, backstabs and false flags that will cause massive amount of havoc in the fantasy realm.

We certainly have a similar expectation for Dragon Age 4 and it is partly why we raised this point. So, what do you think?