Dragon Age 4: Can Greywarden, Inquisitor & Hawke Co-Exist?

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Every new Dragon Age video game released brings a new protagonist and this is despite the plot having strong relations to one another. Well, this is now rumoured to change in the upcoming sequel, Dragon Age 4 as the current plot is fast approaching its conclusion.

What started off as a Blight has evolved into a Rift and Dragon Age Inquisition managed to tease on the real mastermind behind the havoc in the fantasy realm. The series writer, Mike Laidlaw also agreed with this and he claims in a Tweet that the plot for Dragon Age 4 has been decided and it will continue into Dragon Age 5.

It gets more interesting when Mike followed that Tweet up with a confirmation that he has resigned from his position within Bioware and this led the rumours to suggest that the current plot will conclude in Dragon Age 5.

If so, then we may see Dragon Age 4 cycling between the three protagonists in a similar fashion to GTA 5. Each protagonist from the past will have its own party and they will work together to restore peace in the Dragon Age realm.

It is an interesting and we must say, exciting idea that can work well if executed perfectly. Would you like to play as the Greywarden, Inquisitor and Hawke in Dragon Age 4?