Dragon Age 4: Can Inquisitor Co-Exist With Hero Of Ferelden?

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Most Dragon Age fans have made it known that Inquisition is a long string of hits and misses. Despite having an interesting plot and greater open world idea, the execution is said to be poor and many disliked how Bioware took a couple of steps backwards on interactivity.

To these folks, they feel that Inquisition could’ve been a lot better if it is executed in the same manner as Dragon Age Origins. Back then, the Warden was the protagonist and every event that happened in the realm carries a meaning.

It isn’t like that in Inquisition hence Bioware should seriously buckle up for Dragon Age 4. The upcoming sequel is confirmed to be in development and Mike Laidlaw has pointed out that the plot will continue into Dragon Age 5.

The writer for Dragon Age then made it know he has resigned from his position in Bioware thus suggesting that everything in Dagon Age will conclude in the fifth instalment.

If this is to be the case, we may see some big changes coming to Dragon Age 4 like playing as an old protagonist. Be it Hawke, the Hero of Ferelden or the Inquisitor, all three characters will make a return hence it will be interesting to see how they co-exist with one another.

Would you welcome this outcome?