Dragon Age 4: Elves Can Sit It Out, Not Inquisitor

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The ending in Dragon Age Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC has led a large portion of fans to believe that Solas will be at the centre-fold of Dragon Age 4’s plot but there is no telling on whether the character will have a neutral stance or hostile stance in the story.

After all, Dragon Age Inquisition cited that Solas is one of the major reasons to the major unrest in the fantasy realm and his great desire to revive his race will further cause chaos.

It gets more nerve-wrecking when you play Inquisition as an Elf, only to discover that Solas does not identify you as one of his kind. Hence, elves, as a whole, are not the enemy to begin with.

The way we see it, things will look awkwardly interesting if Dragon Age 4 is to see Solas exposing himself as the real antagonist and you are to play the game as an elven protagonist. How do you think that will turn out to be?

Perhaps, to play it safe, Bioware may just allow the Inquisitor to resume his role as the protagonist in Dragon Age 4 as the social relations with Solas can add some value to the plot. Wouldn’t you agree?