Dragon Age 4 Ending Not The End Of Story

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It does look like Anthem will be playing a bigger role when it comes to the next Dragon Age 4 game and since Bioware made the announcement that some features from Anthem will be carried over to Dragon Age 4, fans have been trying to figure out what it is.

Of course, we will only have a clear answer when Bioware announces it or when Anthem arrives but some fans think that it could be the live plot that Anthem will have. According to Bioware, Anthem’s main quest won’t end after you have completed the game. Bioware will continue to offer new updates and DLC that will continue from the main game.

We are not sure how long Bioware plans to keep the updates coming but it does mean that fans can expect a lot more in the future when they complete the game which would be nice. Anthem will only be arriving next year so hopefully, we have more details then.