Dragon Age 4: How Solas Uprising Should Pan Out

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Dragon Age 4 has been teased to be in development and we can expect the game to come out sometime before 2020. The sequel to Dragon Age Inquisition promises more excitement to offer and we can already get a rough idea on how the plot will be like.

If you are to follow the events in Inquisition, the Elf character Solas is plotting a war to save his race. This is enough for us to confirm that Dragon Age 4 is going to be about the war against Solas and we can see the decision going down to siding with the elves or saving the human race.

Like previous Dragon Age titles, the players will get complete freedom in character development and race selection. However, the plot will be focused on stopping the warfare against Solas. We also hope that it will introduce more new characters like Dark Elves as to create a true villain in the fantasy realm.

But of course, this is just our opinion on the game. Do you like it? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.