Dragon Age 4 Is Potentially Smaller Than Inquisition

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By now, most of you should know that Bioware has commenced developing Dragon Age 4 and the sequel is believed to be a lot bigger than Inquisition. Fan-discussions on Dragon Age 4 saw the majority hoping for a larger landmass in the sequel with more contents to offer.

Well, we don’t think that this is going to happen at all. Bioware may have yet to offer any official information on Dragon Age 4 but the teasers made by Mike Laidlaw is suggesting that the upcoming sequel will be smaller than Dragon Age Inquisition.

A recent Tweet from the lad confirms that Bioware has figured out the plot for Dragon Age 4 and the storytelling will stretch into Dragon Age 5. This sounds familiar because Bioware said a similar thing when revealing Dragon Age 2 prior to its release.

Dragon Age 2 fills in the timeline between Dragon Age and Inquisition thus resulting in the game having a small scale approach. If Dragon Age 4 is to follow this pattern and act as a bridge for an epic showdown in Dragon Age 5, then the game is likely to be smaller than Inquisition. What do you think?