Dragon Age 4: Let’s Try Repeating Protagonist For A Change

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If there’s one thing about the Dragon Age series which can do with changing, it is with the protagonist setup in the game. Every Dragon Age title released has brought out a new protagonist and this should change in Dragon Age 4, at least in our eyes.

Dragon Age 4 is the next instalment in the series and we would love it if Bioware can utilize an existing character as the hero of the game instead of having us creating someone entirely new.

The aim here is to amplify the emotional experience in the game. Since Dragon Age Origins, the plot has thickened and it has been moving towards a final showdown in future sequels. The plot in Dragon Age 4 will play on the happenings in the trilogy and we feel that the game will be a huge preparation for a final showdown.

If our prediction is right, then we would gladly trade the creating of a new protagonist for something more emotionally-triggering like having all three protagonists from the series to become playable in the same party, with a setup that is similar to GTA 5.

It may sound like asking for too much but this is what we feel would be best for Dragon Age as a whole. Having the Inquisitor working with Hawke and the GreyWarden will hand players an emotional impact like no other and it will improve the gaming experience entirely.

Of course, this is just an idea for the game and we would love it if it comes true. Having the old protagonists from the Dragon Age Trilogy assuming lead role in Dragon Age 4 will certainly add to the sequel’s emotional value.