Dragon Age 4: Looking Into Inquisition’s Problems

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Dragon Age fans are in rejoice after hearing that Dragon Age 4 is in development and the sequel to Inquisition promises an experience like no other.

As good as Inquisition is, the game is not exactly the perfect package and there are some mistakes which we feel Bioware should not repeat in Dragon Age 4 if they want the sequel to succeed. We have identified three weak points in Dragon Age Inquisition and we sure hope for Bioware to look into them. They are as follow:

1. Technicalities
Dragon Age Inquisition is the first ever Dragon Age game that is available on the Xbox One and Sony PS4. However, the game’s graphics is still considered weak and this needs severe improvements in Dragon Age 4.

2. Combat
Combat needs greater balancing from day one onwards. The Rogue class is often overpowered and it needs some nerfing to make it more challenging for every player.

3. Multiplayer Online
Dragon Age 4 must not force multiplayer online as the main focus in the game. Like past Dragon Age titles, Dragon Age 4 must limit multiplayer game play in a separate mode.

Would you agree?