Dragon Age 4 Not Welcoming A New Protagonist?

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The plot in the Dragon Age Series is still far from reaching a closure and it explains why Bioware has moved on with the development Dragon Age 4. It gets more exciting when ex-writer Mike Laidlaw has confirmed that the plot for the next sequel will continue into Dragon Age 5.

Unfortunately, however, Mike announced on his departure from Bioware upon finishing up with the write-up. The lad is partly the reason why the Dragon Age Series is such a huge hit and if his writing is the only source of material which Bioware has, then we may be looking at some big changes in Dragon Age 4.

Unlike how it was in the first Dragon Age Trilogy, the upcoming sequel may not replace the protagonist which means that the Inquisitor in Inquisition will resume playing the lead role.

As for the plot, everything is likely to conclude in Dragon Age 5 although we don’t expect the fifth sequel to put an end to the franchise. Dragon Age is now a massive RPG brand and Bioware is likely to keep the series alive with the start of a new plot and adventure.

This is our prediction for Dragon Age 4 and we wouldn’t mind such an outcome. This is as long as we can have Morrigan’s son as our BFF in the game as we believe that he will add a lot of spice to the series. What do you think?